Engineering services


Thanks to cooperation with experienced stylists, we can support our clients in styling work and very quickly verify whether the concepts are technologically feasible and whether they do not conflict with the approval requirements.

Styling concepts

The general concept of the product that we offer to our customers includes the styling concept of the visual and aesthetic design of the vehicle and its elements. In every design phase, also in terms of design, we focus on ergonomics, safety and passenger comfort. Our designers use the latest knowledge, trends and technologies to create innovative solutions meeting the needs of the automotive market, which translates into customer satisfaction. We present our vision to the client through a series of conceptual sketches and then a virtual model presented in three-dimensional space.

We offer advice on product design.
We make design models at every stage of product development.

Development works

Our engineers have many years of experience in the development of systems and vehicle components, they work accordingly to the latest trends in the industry. Extensive experience in the areas of Interior Trim, Exterior Trim, Body Panels and Body Structure allows us to quickly and precisely perform the assigned tasks.

Concept development

Most of the work on new vehicles and their systems is preceded by a preliminary conceptual stage. At this stage, we define, verify and modify design intent.

Collision Analysis / Spatial Analysis

The specialized software that we work with, helps us to analyse sets of elements or entire systems statically and dynamically for collision, and plan the space for the designed elements so that the tolerances of the distance between the components are kept.

CAD/CAE support

We use CAD software supported by CAE calculations for designing our projects. The software is individually selected in terms of compatibility with the client’s software, so as to maintain maximum compatibility of the exchanged data. We have construction teams with many years of international experience in CAD design and CAE calculations.

Designing elements and systems

We offer full design support in the matter of designing vehicle elements in the areas of interiors, bodies, chassis and the integration of various vehicle systems, e.g. power units, cooling systems, wipers, air conditioning and many others.

Electricity and electronics

Electrical components are becoming an increasingly important part of vehicles. Car electronics serves many functions, from engine control, through the integration of safety systems such as ABS, ESP, airbags, to functions ensuring driving comfort, i.e. multimedia, communication, navigation systems, and others allowing for more comfortable management of seat and light adjustment and air conditioning.

Project management

We manage projects, changes in projects and suppliers. If the client needs it, we can make managerial decisions, we can also build a team, plan and control production processes. At the same time, we indicate and assess the production risk. We supervise each stage of product development.


We perfectly understand how important it is to optimize the design at the construction stage, we always apply the “design for weight cost and manufacturing” principle in our activities. Thanks to our extensive experience in design optimization, we offer the possibility of optimizing already existing projects.

Weight optimization

A very important element in today’s vehicles is their weight as low as possible increasingly restrictive emission standards and a greater amount of electronics, which forces the optimization of body, interior and chassis elements, so as to reduce their weight as much as possible with the assumed durability and functionality. We have completed many mass reduction projects and we are happy to support new ones by developing effective methods of operation.

Cost optimization

The cost of the finished product plays an extremely important role in any project. We know from experience that thanks to the optimal design of elements, sometimes small changes can significantly reduce production costs. We successfully support our clients’ projects where structural changes, as well as material changes or sub-supplier location changes are required.


At Cadway-Automotive, we carry out projects in a widely defined area of electromobility. We provide high-quality services, primarily concerning the low-emission passenger cars, trucks and public transport.

Our competences are built on the basis of many years of international experience gained in the implementation of a wide range of EV projects for various clients, from niche start-ups to large-scale series. We focus on comprehensive project service, selecting and integrating individual EV systems. The scope of work that we perform includes design, prototyping, construction and verification of solutions as a whole or as individual stages.

    The services provided include:

    • Integration of Hybrid and EV drives
    • Development of controllers and HV distribution systems
    • Electrical and mechanical integration of battery packs
    • Verification of developed systems on and off vehicles


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